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Tiles Bisque unpainted use underglazes 4 1/4"x4 1/4"

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These wall tiles are great Quality for a great price.PAINTING ON THE UNDERGLAZE COLORS Underglaze colors are perfect for use on bisque figurines, tiles and all bisque items. Most underglazes like Concepts by Duncan and Stroke n Coat by Mayco are non-toxic and dinnerware safe when covered with a non-toxic clear gloss glaze (clear glazes are listed in Duncan products under "Clear low fire glazes", see below for instructions). These color lines are only for painting on bisque. These underglazes are great for applying one to three coats to give it a look from translucency to opaque. These underglaze paint lines are very popular with most painting studios because its very easy to use.We carry more than 250 colors to choose from. Concepts come in a 2 oz. squeeze bottle or 8 oz. squeeze bottle. Mayco come in a 2 oz. squeeze bottle and a 16 oz. squeeze pint (several colors not all) Both are great product lines for the whole family! Concepts & Stroke n Coat Underglazes for Bisque represent a new generation in fireable non-toxic lead free colors. Versatility and ease of use make them ideal for both the casual ceramist and professional alike. One coat allows for translucent design work, 2 and 3 for semi opaque or opaque. Concepts & Stroke n coat can be used with a wide variety of decorating techniques. Designed for use with Duncan brilliance brush-on clear glaze or Duncan IN1001 brush-on clear glaze. Both non-toxic and lead free. Brilliance by Duncan being the new kid on the block has a great gloss look and finish. Remember that any areas left unpainted will just be plain white and glossy after you clear glaze and fire. You do not have to paint every inch of your project. You can use the plain unpainted background as a contrasting feature. INSTRUCTIONS FOR UNDERGLAZE USE Instructions 1. Apply 1 coat for translucent designs. 2. Apply 2- 3 coats for semi opaque to solid coverage. 3. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque (this means that the bisque should be have been fired to a cone 04 before you buy it). 4. Fire to shelf cone 06 (after painting and clear glazing). 5. Clean up with water only. 6. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage. Tips & Techniques Concepts works well up to cone 5-6. For high fire applications, we recommend firing a test piece because high fire clays vary. Health & Safety 1. Nontoxic and lead-free. INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLEAR GLAZING When you are done decorating with underglazes, you will need to clear glaze your projects. Please wait till the underglazes are fully dry (about 1-2 hours) The clear gloss glazes are located in our "Clear low fire glazes" section of the Duncan section. There are two to choose from. Duncan IN1001 or the new "Brilliance" When you are ready to glaze you will need a glazing fan brush. Available in our brush section under single brushes. Choose SB 807 no. 6 fan glaze brush . Mix clear glaze well, then applying a good flowing coat, make ONE pass over every area you wish to cover. DO NOT go back and forth over and over because that will cause undeglaze colors to smear. After drying time (1-2 hours normally) come back and apply a second coat the same way only making ONE pass over each area to avoid smear. You may come back and dab areas you missed by your single passes. Please read label. Most clear glazes require 2-3 normal flowing coats. Glaze fan brushes will make glazing much easier and they are available in our brush sets/single area. Note: that tiles that are to be mounted cannot be painted or glazed on the edges or backs. Doing so will prevent the mounting glues from working properly. Once clear glazing is complete you will need to fire your project/tiles in a kiln at the setting of cone 06 For large quantities of tiles to fire please see our tile racks that are space savers Enjoy your artistic creation! As always with specific questions, you can contact us at and we will answer in 3 hours or less!!!



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