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SPECIAL MESSAGE ABOUT THESE HOUSES As you may have noticed, we have sold out of many of these houses and have not re stocked them. The reason for this is that the company that has been supplying us with these wonderful houses for more than 20 years has closed down . The ones we carry now are beautiful and fun to paint. Get them while they last. These do not have instructions included and leave total creativity up to you!


All plastercraft & bisque whiteware items on our web site are sold unpainted only! Plastercraft items require some cleaning to be performed before painting. Also plastercraft may have some inperfections and some sanding or cleaning/patching may be required.

These village houses are made of plastercraft. They do not get fired. You need acrylic paints and either spray or brush on glazes to finish them. No firing. In order for the glaze to work you need to cover all areas with paint. If not, the finish glaze will not work on unpainted areas. Both gloss glazes, satin & matte glazes are available on our web site. Size is listed in each description.

- Use acrylic paint. They can be washed up with soap and water, but do not wash out of clothes.
- If, for some reason, there are small broken pieces you can glue them back on with an all-purpose craft glue, and if there are any tiny holes you would like to fill you can do so with spackle or joint compound.
- To dust your piece in the future use a damp towel or feather duster. DO NOT submerge in water.
- To seal your piece and make it easier to dust you can spray it with a clear gloss or matte sealer. Or a gloss, matte or satin brush on non-toxic sealer. All available on this web site.


A wash is achieved when you mix a small amount of paint with an equal or larger amount of water. This diluted color is then brushed over areas of a piece before you start with more detailed painting. Washes are perfect for preventing unsightly white spots in areas with lots of texture when your piece is finished. (Note: Areas that have been repaired with glue or spackle are likely to repel a wash.)

DRYBRUSH: A technique that allows a base color to show through. Use a stiff brush, fill it with paint, and brush it back and forth on paper towel until the brush is almost

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