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Mayco stroke/coat undergl. bisque 2oz Sp241 speckled brown cow

Product Description

Speckled Stroke & Coat® is a Non-Toxic speckled glaze. It is perfect for use as an accent color or to add fun to designs such as flower petals or vegetables. Speckled Stroke & Coat is designed to color coordinate with regular Speckled Stroke & Coat for a great decorating look. When used in combination with other Mayco products, Speckled Stroke & Coat adds variety and character to any project. This unique speckled glaze produces both translucent and opaque coverage, depending on the number of coats applied. Speckled Stroke & Coat can also be used for Majolica/glaze on glaze decorating. How do I decorate with Speckled Speckled Stroke & Coat? Apply one coat for a translucent look and three coats for an opaque look. You get great coverage, even when applying light colors over dark colors. Speckled Stroke & Coat does not run or bleed, regardless of how it is applied. Colors can be layered or butted up against other colors. Use for precise design work or layered with other glazes for majolica projects. Not the conventional user? Thin it with water and spray apply with a spray bottle. Or create a dimensional look by using in a detailer bottle. Other techniques that can be used with Speckled Stroke & Coat include marbleizing, spattering and sponging, anything your heart desires. Do I have to use clear glaze to achieve a glossy finish? Speckled Stroke & Coat, because of their formulation, fire glossy and do not require a clear glaze application. But, if desired, they are compatible with a clear glaze in one firing. Is Speckled Stroke & Coat designed only for bisque? There’s no need to buy a separate glaze for each clay body you work with. Apply Speckled Stroke & Coat to greenware, bisque, earthenware or stoneware. Speckled Stroke & Coat’s unique composition will fit high expansion talc bodies to low expansion stonewares . . . all without crazing or shivering. When applying Speckled Stroke & Coat to greenware, do not glaze the bottom of the piece so that the gases can escape. What should Speckled Stroke & Coat be fired to? While the majority of glazes are designed to mature at shelf cone 06, Speckled Stroke & Coat performs well up to cone 9 & 10. Unlike some glazes where overfiring by one or two cone difference means having washed out color, Speckled Stroke & Coat maintains it’s color, vibrancy & quality surface. All colors are luster compatible. Speckled Stroke & Coat also works for Raku, a low-fire form of pottery where the pots are removed from the kiln as soon as the glaze has melted and then left to cool or doused with water. All Speckled Stroke & Coat colors can be fired at the same time without any color changes. Most Speckled Stroke & Coat colors can be fired multiple times and still hold their bright colors. Can Speckled Stroke & Coat be used with other products? Speckled Stroke & Coat can be mixed with other non-toxic glazes to create a piece that shows off your unique style. Apply over any non-moving glaze, underglaze or Astro Gem surface. When thinned and applied on top of a Series 2000 Matte surface in a brushstroke design or watercolor technique, Speckled Stroke & Coat takes on the underlying matte characteristic of the glaze. Stroke & Coat also looks great when used in combination with Classic Crackles, Pottery Coat, Pottery Coat Stucco, Elements and much more. How is Speckled Stroke & Coat different from other bisque strokes? Speckled Stroke & Coat covers up misapplications and corrects mistakes resulting in a beautiful finished piece time after time. It accommodates the user and occasional underfired bisque because of the product qualities built into the glaze. Speckled Stroke & Coat is the most versatile, easy to use and forgiving glaze in the market. No wonder we call it a WonderGlaze.


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