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Mayco crystalite glaze bisque S2716 celestial blue

Product Description

What are Crystalites™? Crystalites™ are a group of crystal glazes that are a new generation in the formulation of non-toxic glazes. These unique magical potions of colors and rock-like crystals produce dramatic effects that flow and melt during the firing process. Their usage is almost endless in decorating possibilities and is limited only with your imagination. How do I apply Crystalites™? Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque using Mayco’s Soft Fan Brush. Apply two coats, shaking the jar before applying each coat. On the third coat, stir and shake the crystals into the glaze. Stir the crystals often during application. Dip the brush down to the bottom of the jar while glazing to pick up the crystals on the third coat. When applying the third coat evenly disperse the crystals over the surface of the ware as the way it looks now is how it will look after it is fired. How are Crystalites™ fired? The firing temperature of the Crystalites is shelf cone 06, but can be fired up to shelf cone 6 (check Mayco’s High Fire Guide). There is no need to fire the glazes any hotter to make the crystals flow, bloom more or to pattern better. Can I use Crystalites™ in a pattern? Yes. Simply apply the crystalites in the pattern and apply as the above directions stated. Several rings of the Crystalites placed in varied patterns are also attractive. Can Crystalites™ be used on food containers? Although Crystalites are non-toxic and thus food safe when fired properly according to FDA standards, they may not be practical for food containers due to surface characteristics. Can I add leftover non-toxic crystals to other glazes? Yes. Leftover non-toxic crystals can be added to jars of non-toxic glazes.


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