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Sn366 black

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Satin Glazes are so named because of their soft, muted sheen. They move very little during firing, which makes them ideally suited for creative design work, majolica and controlled glazing techniques. Learning About Satin Glazes Basic Instructions 1. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque. 2. Apply 2-3 smooth, even coats. 3. Fire to shelf cone 06. 4. Clean up with water. Tips & Techniques 1. Ivory is also self-antiquing (color settles in folds and crevices). 2. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage. 3. While most Satin Glazes are opaque in coverage, some (like SN353 Ivory) are transparent and can be used over underglazes. 4. All Satin Glazes are overglaze compatible and safe for use on food containers. 5. White Satin Glaze is the favorite satin basecoat for traditional majolica. Health & Safety 1. Nontoxic and leadfree.


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