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Duncan EZ stroke underglaze low fire 047 thundercloud grey 1 oz.

Product Description

Learning About E-Z Stroke® Translucent Underglazes Basic Instructions 1. Apply 1 coat for translucent designs. 2. For rich depth and shading, apply additional coats. 3. Apply to greenware, unfired glaze, soft-fired bisque or bisque. 4. Fire to shelf cone 04 (06 if applied to glaze or bisque). 5. Clean up with water. 6. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage. Tips & Techniques 1. E-Z Strokes may be applied over most underglazes, including Cover-CoatTM and other E-Z Stroke colors, allowing the base color to show through. 2. E-Z Strokes work well with high fire, cone 5-6 and some to cone 10. As high results vary, we recommend firing a test piece. 3. For majolica, apply E-Z Stroke design work over unfired White Satin glaze. 4. As a pure pigment-based paint, E-Z Strokes is the simplest form of fired color. You can use E-Z Strokes just like watercolors, in layers of transparent/translucent, bold, pure color. And, just like watercolors, you can inter-mix all the E-Z Strokes colors. Just as for typical watercolors, these paints must be mixed with water to be applied properly to greenware or soft fired bisque for the best application. E-Z Strokes are very fragile unfired, because when the water dries out of the pigment there are no binders holding it in place. E-Z Strokes fires into the ware at an 04 or hotter cone, although most of the pigments will hold true up to a cone 10. This broad firing range allows artists to use E-Z Strokes on almost all clay bodies 5. Use E-Z Strokes to tint clay slip, most glazes, fired Snow and other E-Z Stroke colors. 6. High definition and detail can be achieved by adding water to E-Z Stroke color and using a very fine brush. Health & Safety 1. Nontoxic and lead-free. 2. Food safe when properly covered with a Duncan lead-free clear glaze.


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