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Duncan cover coat underglaze low fire 2oz. Cc153 avocado

Product Description

Cover coat otherwise known as CC are for greenware, require 3 coats and will look opaque. They are non-toxic and come in a 2 oz. size. You cannot apply just one coat. Once painted item gets bisque fired at cone 04 and apply clear glaze and refire at cone 06. Cover-Coat colors are applied directly to greenware, soft fired bisque or bisque. Cover-Coats fire to an opaque, porous matte finish. A glaze finish is used to seal the porous surface and to show the true underglaze colors. Learning About Cover-Coat® Opaque Underglazes Basic Instructions 1. Apply 3 coats to soft-fired bisque or bisque. 2. Glaze and refire, if desired. 3. Clean up with water. 4. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage. 5. Tint with E-Z StrokesTM or other Cover-Coats. 6. Fire to shelf cone 04. Tips & Techniques 1. Cover-Coats may be tinted using E-Z Strokes® or other Cover-Coats, to create unique custom colors. 2. To create carved designs, sgraffito (gently scratch through the applied color to reveal the color or the clay body beneath it). 3. Painting with Cover-Coats is similar to painting with acrylic paints and is a great fired alternative for a tole and decorative painter. Colors are opaque and generally one color covers the one beneath it. They must be fired to ensure maturation and stability. Clear glazes over all shows the truest colors. Health & Safety 1. Nontoxic and lead-free.


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