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Duncan crystal glaze non toxic low fire Cr859 african savana

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Crystals Glazes create bright multicolor bursts and specks, unique in every firing. Color crystals move in the glaze firing, creating a distinctive colorful finish, depending on the size of the crystal, slope of the piece and temperature of the fire. Learning About CrystalsTM Glazes Basic Instructions 1. Stir product thoroughly to suspend crystals that may have settled in the bottom of the jar. 2. Crystals work well to high fire cone 5-6. For high fire application, we recommend firing a test piece because high fire clays vary. 3. Apply crystals sparsely near bottom of the piece to keep crystals from flowing onto kiln shelf. 4. For Low Fire Application, stilt and fire to shelf cone 06. For High Fire Application, stilt and fire to cone 5-6. 5. Clean up with water. 6. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage. Tips & Techniques 1. To create custom looks, apply Crystals in combination with other glazes and other colors. Health & Safety 1. Nontoxic. Some Crystal Glazes are safe for use on food containers.


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