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Cy102 sagebrush

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Duncan has decided to bring back many colors of the courtyard glaze line. Say Welcome Back Courtyard Glazes!! We listened -- and have brought back these wonderful glazes due to popular demand! These unique, self-antiquing, lead-free matte glazes result in rich varied color with no two firings giving exactly the same results. Courtyard Art Glazes work well with ConceptsTM Underglazes for Majolica and Bisque. Learning About CourtyardTM Art Glazes Basic Instructions 1. For both Low Fire and High Fire Applications, apply 2-5 coats to cone 04 bisque. Let dry between coats. 2. For Low Fire, stilt and fire to cone 06. for High Fire, fire to cone 5-6. Tips & Techniques 1. For High Fire, because high fire clays vary, we recommend firing a test piece. 2. When spritzing with Courtyard Art Glazes, use the stream setting for thin lines of color, spots or drip effects. To create these effects, mix 1/2 ConceptsTM color and 1/2 water. 3. Courtyart Art Glazes can be applied with a sponge, spritz bottle or brush. 4. When spritzing on Courtyard Art Glazes, use the spray or mist setting for base coat coverage. For full coverage, spritz on 3-4 coats depending on the color of glaze; lighter colors require more coats. Health & Safety 1. Nontoxic and leadfree.


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