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Sponge holder

Product Description

 The sponge holder is a great tool accessory for potters! This tool is an alternative to sponge-on-a-sticks because the Sponge Holder allows you to use any type of sponge you like! You are no longer retricted to the sponge that is permanently attached to a stick, but rather you can continuously change the sponge for different effects.

The Sponge Holder is great for removing excess water on the interior of wheel-thrown pots. If water is let to sit in the pot after it is removed from the wheel, the clay at the base of the form may weaken. 

The Sponge Holder is made from a sturdy metal, which will not bend in use. The one end is welded to a metal clip, which firmly clasps any sponge. 

Measures 11.5"

Sponge not included.



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