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Christmas tree plastic light up starlight bulb mini all gold Quantity:100 per package Bulb Size:7/16" H x 1/4" W Stem Size:3/8" L x 1/8" Dia. ALL GOLD COLOR FREE SHIPPING ON THIS PRODUCT

Product Description

This product has FREE FREE shipping within the Continental United States. Please select the $0 option in the shipping page to take advantage of this offer. This offer can save you as much as $9 on shipping. These plastic bulbs are used to decorate your ceramic Christmas tree. These bulbs can also be used for the "pegs and Jokers" game. Buy multiple packs and its still free shipping! Do NOT use any silicon or acrylic based glues (such as epoxy or super-glues) with the Plastic Christmas Tree bulbs as the synthetic glues can eat the bulbs. A white school glue, such as Elmer's Glue-All (Elmer's Glue), is perfect for use with the Plastic Christmas Tree Ornaments. Elmer's Glue will not permanently glue the bulbs in place, thus preventing damage to the Ceramic Christmas Tree should the bulb be mishandled during packing. In addition, the use of the a white school glue would allow changing of the colored ornaments at a future date. When trying to decide the right size for your tree, please remember that most trees are a slight bit different and were made by many different makers using different size tools for the wholes. The diameter of the shaft and the holes on the tree are the most important parameter in determining the correct decorative bulb to purchase for use in your Ceramic Christmas Tree. Before placing your order, measure the bulbs you have left on your tree and compare it to the sizes listed on our description.



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