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Royal super value pack 10 tacklon brush quality set by Royal

Product Description

This brush set can be used with any paint. This tacklon set comes with acrylic handles from small detail brushes to large flat brush. Compare this set at $25 and up.

How to use Debut Taklon Brushes

Brushes used with underglazes and glazes.
Wash thoroughly with AS 952 Duncan Brush Cleaner after use. Be sure that all color particles are removed from the area near the metal ferrule.

Brushes used with overglazes.
Clean brushes only with Duncan OA 901 Essence. Any other agent may contain water or solvents that will cause separation of the overglaze during the next application. Designate one specific brush for use with each particular overglaze to avoid contamination of the overglaze.

Brushes used with water-based nonfired products.
Wash thoroughly with AS 952 Duncan Brush Cleaner after each use. A good cleaning in Duncan Brush Cleaner should loosen any dried particles of paint and remove color stain.

Brushes used with oil-based nonfired products.
Wipe excess color onto paper towel. Clean brush wth AS 952 Duncan Brush Cleaner.

Tips & Techniques

Do not let brushes stand in water.

After cleaning, restore hairs and bristles of the brushes to their original shape, and set aside to dry on a flat surface before storing.



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