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Great for Bisque or plastercraft. These paints are ornamental and do not get fired in a kiln or oven. Finish by using a brush on glaze either glossy or matte. Or choose a spray on glaze. Gloss or matte. Both available in this section.Water-based Bisq-Stain Opaque Acrylics give total opaque coverage. With its organized, graduated palette, it's easy to select the right colors for your project. Bisq-Stain Opaques can also be mixed to create new color tones, tints and shades. Bisq-Stain Opaques dry quickly for easy decorating.

Below you will find several types of acrylic paint lines to choose from. We are sure there is one right for your project! The Acrylic paints "Duncan 2oz stains/paints" are the regular acrylic colors and we have over 125 to choose from! All paints in this category will work on bisque and plastercraft.

Brush-On Sealers Brush-On Sealers produce a smooth, hard coating on your acrylic, nonfired projects. In addition to protecting your projects, sealers are used to brighten colors, too. Our nontoxic Brush-on Sealers provide the same excellent results as ceramic spray sealers and dry quickly to an invisible finish. Quik-Crackle Quik-Crackle is a nontoxic, water-soluble medium used between two nonfired water-based colors to create an antique wood or aged pottery look. It cracks the top color revealing the base-coat color below.

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