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Product Description

To purchase a gift certificate simply select the amount you wish to get. Then go to check out. If you\'re only purchasing a gift certificate, then you will be directed right to the payment page. If you are buying other products along with the certificate, then you will be directed to the shipping page (we do not ship gift certificates via mail etc., they are sent via email). Follow the menus all the way to the comment section. If you wish to have us email the certificate to someone different than the purchaser, in the comment box, please give us the persons full name, complete email address, message you wish to send and we will send it to them directly or you can forward the email to them personally. In the email you will find a code. That code will be used when the recipient returns to purchase items. Please note that the code must be entered exactly as it is written. In the check out page there is a place for that code and the amount will be deducted from purchases. That\'s all there is to it. The gift that is good for year round giving!


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