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Consultation/training for 1hr. on firing, glazing, loading kilns, pouring slip cast molds, cleaning greenware and more!

Product Description

 This a service for a consultation/training time. This is done by the hour or fraction thereof. You purchase how many hours will be needed according to our estimate. You may obtain an estimate from us via email and then purchase hours needed. This is at $55 per hour. You can enter more than 1 hour if it is required by topics to be covered.You can email us for an estimate of time that will be required for your specific needs. After purchase of time required, will then contact you via email or phone and set up an time to do the consultation/training. Consultation can be done via email, landline phone, text message, face time or skype. Please note when using Facetime or Skype connection quality may vary and were not responsible for time consumed for re connection time. 

This service can be used but not limited to slip casting ceramics, glazing ceramics, loading and unloading ceramic kilns, firing kilns, clay work, greenware preparation and kiln maintenence. Please email us with any of your questions. of simply click the contact us button on top of this page.





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